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  • Western Canada Heat Exchanger

    Committed to Keep your Heat Exchangers

    Running Efficiently

    Western Canada Heat Exchanger
  • Certified Service + Repair Center

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    for running efficiently

    Heat Exchanger Cleaning for running efficiently
  • Plate Exchanger Re-Gasketing

    to prevents corrosion

    Plate Exchanger Re-Gasketing
  • Leak Detection

    detect early & handle quickly

    Exchanger Leak Detection service
  • Shell & Tube Refurbishment

    from minor repairs to major shutdowns

    Shell & Tube Refurbishment
  • Inventory Management

    process of ordering, handling, storing

    Inventory Management process of ordering
  • Repressing of deformed plates

    save up to 60% of the cost of a new plate

    Repressing of deformed plates
  • Exchange Program

    With competitive pricing

    Exchange Program
  • WCHE Spanner Wrench

    grip for tightening or loosening

    WCHE Spanner Wrench
  • Hydraulic Closing Tools

    For very large plate heat exchangers

    Hydraulic Closing Tools
  • Frame handling

    solutions for industrial environments

    Frame handling solutions
  • Procurement & Logistics

    Improve Efficiency And Productivity

    Procurement & Logistics Improve Efficiency
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